- FinTech

81 Farringdon Street
London, EC4A 4BL
Dominique PARR

We are a Blockchain FinTech startup based in London. Investment banks heavily influence today’s capital market ecosystem, which allows companies to access capital from investors. These banks charge large sums to companies in exchange for matching them with investors. Our objective is to disrupt the investment banking industry by offering a digital platform that allows anyone, anywhere to raise capital from retail and institutional investors. Our platform offers capital raising, asset administration, and custody services in the manner of a fully digital investment bank.

We want to be compliant with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations and are part of FCA Sandbox Cohort 4. As part of this, we have issued equity and debt securities digitally through blockchain tokens, complying with all relevant UK company and securities law.

We have been running for 12 months (formally incorporated in November 2017) and employ 19 people. We have completed 2 successful funding rounds (Angel and Seed), resulting in a successfully launched and proven product. We are now fundraising to execute our go-to-market strategy via an established 12-month pipeline of capitalraisings.