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Affiliate Marketing
Manchester, UK
Adeel Farooq - Founder & CEO

RevGlue offers dynamic set of tools to UK affiliates and publishers. These tools support affiliates with setting up new affiliate projects and saves them time and money on data management and affiliate website development. Publisher tools are provided to help social media influencers, bloggers and mobile app developers easily monetise their digital projects and earn highest commissions on each sale.

We are seeking 200k GBP investment as late seed round. RevGlue project went live in January 2018 and currently we are attracting new users and started generating revenues. RevGlue has already raised 200k GBP investment in the last 12 months that helped us to complete the project development, built a strong tech team and conducted full project testing in real time. Now we are looking for 200k investment to push marketing and sales to achieve profitability in the next six months. We are offering 15% equity at 1.5 million project valuation. Come and talk to us on 24th September at the Tech Invest London exhibition.