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Gaetano Santi Cutrona

TEP is the first digital tour operator that aggregates travelers with pets avoiding any regulatory restrictions concerning to pet transportation on board (cabin) towards to destinations of our tour packages.

I have assembled a strong skilled team of specialists with expertise in Italian market as for example Marco De Veglia – advisor n.1 in brand positioning that worked with Jack Trout (the inventor of positioning concept in the world) more than 20 years with base in NY city (USA). We solve the following problems to our customers:

  • a) regulatory restrictions for pets transportation;
  • b) no safety service is currently guaranteed to pet’s owners about transportation;
  • c) travelers often don’t leave without their pets or don’t feel transportation service as safety.;

Besides other reason why we think our business development may be very disruptive: Market segment not covered so far; No Tour operator offers for passengers with/and pets in cabin without regulatory restrictions and no TO with our value proposition unit; there is not guaranteed service for pet lovers. Commander can refuse pet boarding until the boarding at the gate;

Our main Solution concerns a new travel experience for travelers with pets avoiding any regulatory restrictions for pets on board towards to destinations of our tour packages (incoming, international, intercontinental).

Thanks to a certificated aircraft charter specialist we can allow pets with a secured and assisted pet’s boarding without any uncertainties or worries for pets’ owners . Even if we found first, we would like to find best aircraft charter specialists with the same requirements in order to achieve our goals with the right partners like might be Y Combinator.

Our Offer concerns:

Info about accommodations, travel rules and reviews are common with other competitors. Our differentiation regards the following main features: E-ticketing, E-booking, flights & accommodations STANDARD + Customized Tour packages (NEW), Insurance, travelers aggregation system through AI in a very easy and predicted way, smart tracking system for pet lovers to increase our social community, other ancillary services to multiply and optimize the revenue stream of our model, a Pet special card (discount card and loyalty program) like a club and such more for our special travelers.

So in summary, an overview of our segmented offers as follows:

  • 1) Freemium and pet special club for pet owners with different subscriptions choices after 14 days of free trial version.
  • 2) booking different tour packages (standard + customized offers ) and activitIes with the possibility to upgrade account, tour activitIes, accommodations, flight services, insurances for pet and owner, various kinds of assisted pet services and pet food /accessories and such more.
  • 3) Our customers will receive focused contents and news for pet lovers;
  • 4) offline events focused on customers need to increase our community.
  • 5) remarketing actions will be focused to existing customers with special travel offers, tours, events, local meeting in order to nurture and increase users. Besides we aim to differentiate channels/tools through award celebrations and webinars with specialists on pets and travels industries ; From one hand we aim to increase community and customers within first sale cycle while to other hand we aim to nurture existing customers in order to establish an unique value experience for them.