- Cybersecurity, Fintech

Cybersecurity, Fintech
9, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
Rufo Guerreschi

Exceptional Security in the Palm of your Hand

PROBLEM & OPPORTUNITY > The wealthiest 200,000 individuals account for $27 trillions in assets, yet they can’t buy any device that is less insecure than an iPhone, which is regularly hacked even by simple researchers.

SOLUTION > We are building the SeeVik Pod, a standalone 2mm-thin Wifi-enabled portable device which seamlessly delivers radically-unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity to your most sensitive communications, negotiations, e-banking and financial transactions.

HOW > Such security levels are achieved through extreme transparency and “security-review relative to complexity” all the way down to the operating system, CPU, fabrication oversight, and certification governance.

FOUNDERS > The main cofounders are deeply committed and have accrued 45 years of experience in company building, as well as top-class manufacturing, design and R&D of secure hardware. They’ve held leading roles at LG Electronics, Samsung, Kudelski, Kryptus, Motorola and DARPA, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.